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How to receive additional Review Frames

Topic Batch Purchase

The purchaser will receive batches of Frames for use exclusively within the nominated institution. These are Frames that are not, and will not become, available on the free website, and will be delivered by email in .jpg format. 

There are currently 133 Frames available to purchase directly.

These are as follows:

•    Force and Motion, Batch 1, 15 Frames

•    Force and Motion, Batch 2, 15 Frames

•    Energy, Batch 1, 15 Frames

•    Waves, Batch 1, 15 Frames

•    Waves, Batch 2, 15 Frames

•    Waves, Batch 3, 14 Frames

•    Waves, Batch 4, 14 Frames

•    Particles, Batch 1, 15 Frames

•    Circuits, Batch 1, 15 Frames

36GBP per Batch

Purchasers are asked to sign an agreement that Physipics Frames may be used within the purchasing institution only and will not be shared with others.

Please download the pdf order form.

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