Step by step expansion of comfort zones

Some suggestions on how to use these videos

Most of the videos are around four minutes long, and thus offer time-efficient learning experience.

They do not stand alone but provide challenge and review during a learning program. They are also, of course, ideal for directed home learning.

After some initial study of a topic, students might view a video once. They can be encouraged to note down key language as they watch. 

This might raise more questions than answers, and might take students outside of their comfort zone, but progress will be made in embedding key language. 

Near the end of a period of learning of a topic a video should be viewed for a second time. Students, actively and for themselves, should again note the key language and concepts. There may begin to be more answers than questions, and teachers can then provide support in discussing the remaining uncertainties.

Watching a video for a third time, perhaps as a general subject review, should help students to feel in control of the ideas that once were so new – their comfort zones have got bigger.

‘standard’ level

for students up to age 16

scroll down for a sample advanced level video

advanced level videos

• ADV1  An introduction to Special Relativity


An introduction to China: history, culture, geography, travel

Video for adult learners of English at beginner and elementary levels

A fun gied too speling ov dhu Inglish langwej

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Video and information for children

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