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Waves, provisional list, August 2021

W1a        Waves move, energy moves

W1b        High and low amplitude waves carrying energy

W1c        Measuring water waves I: wave speed, amplitude, and wavelength

W1d        Wavelength and amplitude of some ocean waves

W1e        Measuring water waves II: introducing frequency

W2a        Transmission, absorption and reflection of water surface waves

W2b        Water waves spreading from a source

W3a        Comparing reflection and refraction

W4a        What makes us think that sound travels as waves I?

W4b        What makes us think that sound travels as waves II?

W4c        Sources of sound, transmitting media, and some reflections

W4d        Making sound waves with particles of air

W4e        Comparing sound waves and water surface waves

W5a        Vibrations and hearing

W5b        Sound: period and frequency

W5c        Musical notes: frequencies and wavelengths

W5d        Sound control

W6a        The speed of sound

W6b        Sonar I

W6c        Sonar II

W6d        Sonar III

W7a        Animal sound sensitivity

W7b        Baby scans I

W7c        Baby scans II

W8a        Earthquakes I

W8b        Earthquakes II

W9a        What makes us think that light travels as waves I?

W9b        What makes us think that light travels as waves II?

W9c        The speed of light

W10a    Absorption, wavelength and colour

W10b    Reflection, wavelength and colour

W10c    Refraction, wavelength and colour

W10d    Diffraction, and measuring wavelength

W10e    Frequencies of light

W11a    Invisible worlds I: longer wavelengths

W11b    Invisible worlds II: shorter wavelengths

W11c    The whole electromagnetic spectrum


W12a    Listing to follow






W13a    Pathways of light: rays

W13b    Mirror images I

W13c    Mirror images II

W13d    Wobbly worlds I: reflection and distortions

W13e    Wobbly worlds II: refraction and distortions

W13f    Keeping it simpler with glass blocks

W13g    Not quite so simple: refraction by lenses

W14a    Total internal reflection of light I

W14b    Total internal reflection of light II

W15a    Making images: pinhole cameras

W15b    Making better images: using lenses

W15c    Rays, images and lenses

W15d    Fatter and thinner lenses

W15e    The images in your eyes

W15f    Predictor rays and real images

W15g    Predictor rays and virtual images

W16a    Receiving information 

W16b    Waves and information I

W16c    Waves and information II

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Copyright (c) David Brodie, 2019-2021

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